BSA catches web firm out using illegal software

The BSA has settled out of court with a web design agency that was found to be using unlicensed software.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has made another strike in the ongoing battle against unlicensed software settling with a digital marketing agency that was exposed after an audit.

The Yorkshire-based Web Marketplace Solutions had to pay damages of £6,500 as well as shelling out a further £4,500 on buying the correct software licenses.

The case came about after a complaint was picked up by the BSA and then led to a self-audit which exposed the extent of the unlicensed software.

Philippe Brière, chair of the BSA UK Committee, said that the more examples that could be made of those companies that failed to pay their way would disuade others from making the same mistakes.

"Companies must recognise that the abuse of intellectual property (IP) rights is a serious offence and can have severe consequences. Companies such as Web Marketplace Solutions rely on a sound reputation, and settlements such as this one can seriously damage the company's standing and are evidently costly," he said. 

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