Old Apple kit still demanding a premium

Sotheby's auction of a working Apple 1 expected to raise $180,000 in an auction in New York

Those in the channel with long memories often dream of the days of high margins and yet again technology from the early days is still proving it can demand a high price.

Sotheby's will auction off a Apple 1 computer dating back to 1976 today with the expected price of the piece of hardware likely to be in the region of $180,000.

The original price of the PC, of which around 200 were built, was $666.66 without a keyboard, monitor or power supply. But the model being sold by the auction house is believed to be one of justr a handful of working models still in existence.

For fans of Steve Jobs this is a chance to buy the first output of his partnership with Steve Wozniak and get their hands on a piece of computing history.

"An exceptionally rare, working example with original Apple cassette interface, operation manuals and a rare BASIC Users' Manual. It is thought that fewer than 50 Apple I Computers survive, with only 6 known to be in working condition." stated the Sotheby's catalogue.

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