Carphone Warehouse plans to broaden tech product range

Carphone Warehouse has revealed plans to extend its non-cellular product line selling more IT technology to users.

Carphone Warehouse has signalled an ambition to become more than just a destination for smartphones with plans to broaden its non-cellular product portfolio.

The high-street player had been involved with the Best Buy Europe stores but since the decision to close down that operation has refocused on its own retail operations.

A line in its full financial results, issued this morning, reveals the plans it now has to try and capture some of the technology sales that were the core of the Best Buy Europe operation.

"One of CPW Europe's key opportunities is to broaden the non-cellular product category by moving more deeply into tablets, accessories, and app-cessories, making CPW Europe the home of technology and giving our customers many more reasons to come into our stores," stated the retailer.

The decision to axe the 11 Best Buy Europe stores was wrapped up in January with the inability to get national reach cited as one of the main reasons the operation didn't take off.

"Whilst customer feedback was positive, without national reach the business could not make an acceptable rate of return. Best Buy UK incurred operating losses of £72.5m during the year. Post-tax closure costs of £120.9m have been booked, in line with expectations, of which £45.9m were non-cash asset write-downs, and of which the Group's share was £60.5m," it stated.

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