Billing returns to channel to boost network monitoring sales

Former enterprise manager and Microtronica managing director Les Billing is making a move into the networking software sector after signing up with Worcestershire-based Cyclone Technology as a non-executive director.

Former Centerprise manager and Microtronica managing director Les Billing is making a move into the networking software sector after signing up with Worcestershire-based Cyclone Technology as a non-executive director.

Billing, who has been working with the firm since the start of the year, has now taken charge of building out a channel for Cyclone's netPrefect product, an enterprise-class infrastructure management software solution and successor to its DataStream line.

Cyclone, which has been around since 1996, has not aggressively marketed itself through the reseller channel before now, being content to stick with OEM agreements.

However with the recent growth in managed service offerings in the channel, Billing said the time was right to expand its sales operation, saying the firm was a "well-kept secret".

"They supply a very technically advanced product in a very low-key way, it has high-functionality and low-visibility," Billing told MicroScope.

"We want to get involved with a distributor which can put us into the right area of the marketplace," he said. "We're looking for break-fix guys who want to add monitoring services, licence resellers, and even system builders."

The platform-independent netPrefect product also supports white-labelling options for managed network services providers, Billing said.

The solution provides both in- and out-of-band monitoring options across LAN, WAN and remote connections, and supports SNMP and a "wide range of other protocols."

Users are able to control all devices on their networks from a single point of access, create dynamic, automated logs for compliance and user-defined alerts, as well as getting access to pay-as-you-go billing, among other things.

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