Barracuda makes lemonade after partner data breach

Network security and data protection specialist Barracuda Networks has moved to put a recent data breach behind it and put the lessons it has learned into practice.

Network security and data protection specialist Barracuda Networks has moved to put a recent data breach behind it and put the lessons it has learned into practice.

Earlier this month names and email addresses from Barracuda's channel partner database were exposed when attackers exploited a SQL injection vulnerability on its website. The leak was minor and contained no confidential information.

Speaking to MicroScope from this year's Infosec trade show, Barracuda EMEA vice president Russell Johnson said that concerned resellers had naturally had questions about the breach and there had been detailed discussions with many of them.

"There was a heightened sense of awareness, and concern," said Johnson, "but these discussions have turned into a positive conversation.

"Everything about this attack was documented, so we can now provide our partners with a proof point and educate them about the importance of web application firewalls; as there are now so many threats constantly barraging web apps," he explained.

"Because we could track the exact details our partners will be able to understand how these intrusions take place and can better deploy security solutions."

It is planning to release a white paper in the near future detailing its experience at the hands of its attackers.

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