Social networking increasing as reseller marketing tool

Blogs and online sources of news are the main places where IT decision makers are likely to turn to find information about their market.

Blogs and online sources of news are the main places where IT decision makers are likely to turn to to find information about their market.

According to research from CloudNine IT directors are increasingly moving away from traditional sources of information and are turning to the web with implications for resellers.

"It might surprise some people to notice that more IT chiefs now value online publications than print. After all, it wasn't long ago that it was considered a bigger result by marketing teams to get coverage in weekly or monthly IT print mags than their online counterparts," said CloudNine managing director Uday Radia.

"Perhaps the numbers of IT bosses in our poll who say they now access industry info via Twitter and LinkedIn will mean more resellers will adopt them for directly sharing their news and information  - and possibly start creating specific content that can be shared on social media," he added.

Resellers have been encouarged by vendors over the last six months to embrace social networking as a way of reaching out to customers and this research supports the view that their is a growing audience for marketing messages delivered on those platforms.

What methods do UK IT chiefs find 'useful' or 'very useful' for keeping up-to-date on IT industry developments, including general news from vendors?
1    Online publications (64 per cent)
2    IT blogs (52 per cent)
3    Trade shows (50 per cent)
4    Printed publications (47 per cent)
5    Vendor Events (44 per cent)
6    IT Analyst blogs (40 per cent)
7    IT analyst events (38 per cent)
8    Vendor emails (31 per cent), LinkedIn (31 per cent)   
9    Twitter (20 per cent)
10   YouTube (19 per cent)
11   Facebook (13 per cent)
12   SlideShare (12 per cent)
Source: CloudNine

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