Dealers could benefit from carbon confusion

Carbon management and green IT is pushing its way back up the agenda as the tentative economic recovery kicks in.

Carbon management and green IT is pushing its way back up the agenda as the tentative economic recovery kicks in.

But according to research carried out by Cisco and green technology advocates Greenbang business efforts to reduce their carbon footprint through better use of technology are still being hampered by mixed messages.

While 96% of those surveyed said that IT could help the UK meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets, just over 35% believed that their organisation should be the one to actually make the investment.

Respondents said that cost savings were the most important factor in encouraging UK companies to improve energy management, with legislative action also cited as a driver. Awareness of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was, therefore, found to be quite high, with 62% considering it essential in forcing change.

The CRC scheme, which grew out of the 2008 Climate Change Act, will become mandatory from April this year, and may force a wave of spending among businesses to ensure compliance.

Most firms - approximately 72% - have invested in more efficient enterprise IT devices but many were laggards when it came to adopting more complex technologies.

"Our research has demonstrated a good understanding for how technology can reduce the UK's total carbon output," said Cisco UK & Ireland vice president and CEO Phil Smith. "But those organisations that make exemplary organisational changes can actually find themselves on the wrong side of today's legislation."

Smith added: "This year, government will need to look more holistically at organisations' longer term environmental impact in order to get a clearer picture of our progress against the UK's 2020 target."

Cisco and Greenbang urged businesses to reflect on the need to begin making budgetary commitments to green IT.

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