C2000 re-launches Apple team and takes on Parallels

Computer 2000 is re-launching an Apple business unit to underpin the recruitment of limited authorised resellers (LARs).

Computer 2000 is re-launching an Apple business unit to underpin the recruitment of limited authorised resellers (LARs).

The broadline giant has also penned a distribution contract with virtualisation vendor Parallels - which enables Mac users to run Windows apps on their systems - and plans further additions that sit adjacent to Apple's portfolio.

Mark Glasspool, general manager for PC systems at C2000, said the continued growth of Apple UK (coupled with plans for channel expansion) meant the time was right to "re-invest" in a standalone team five years after it was disbanded.

"One of the core functions we are looking to do in conjunction with Apple is approve new LARs where they have a specialist business function that suits Apple's business," he told MicroScope.

There are around 120 UK Apple LARs at present and the firm is keen on working with others that have specific vertical niche as it picks up the majority of low hanging retail business.

Previously, Apple sales sat in C2000's general sales team but under the re-jig a sales manager and three specialists will report to Glasspool, while Parallels will be in the software division at the distributor.

Glasspool said it was also close to signing up digital tuner card vendor Elgato "and further vendors that are complementary to the Apple portfolio".

In 2009, Apple grew 23% in a UK market that declined 4.5%, seizing fifth spot in terms of market share, said IDC research manager Eszter Morvay.

"Apple remains the only company that can charge a premium price because of the noise and momentum around its brand. Some people were wary of switching from a PC to a Mac but iPods and iPhones changed that," she said.

Meanwhile, former Parallels UK and Ireland country manager Russell Blackburn - who also general manager at C2000 four years ago - has joined Comstor as datacentre director for Europe.

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