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  • Hybrid working isn’t turning out as expected

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 10 Mar 2022
  • Last year, as companies recognized both the value of face-to-face interaction and the fact that not everyone wants to go back to the office five days a week, the concept of hybrid working went ...

  • Is the commodity server bandwagon running out of steam?

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 10 Jan 2022
  • The term “paradigm shift” gets flung about far too much in IT, but we may be at one of those few times that genuinely deserves it. For decades now, specialised hardware devices have been losing ...

  • One SSD to ruler them all

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 27 Dec 2021
  • If you’re at all curious about what comes next in enterprise storage devices, you need to know about EDSFF, the Enterprise and Data Centre SSD Form Factor – better known as the “ruler” format. ...

  • Having trouble overcoming the S/4HANA confidence gap?

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 13 Dec 2021
  • As John Lennon and Yoko Ono didn't quite sing, "Give POC a chance!" If you’re one of the many SAP users who’s yet to migrate to S/4HANA, we understand your hesitation. It’s potentially a big ...

  • Why does ransomware still work?

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 30 Nov 2021
  • As someone who first encountered ransomware during the last millennium – thankfully at second-hand – and has been writing about it for almost as long, I sometimes find myself amazed by the high ...

  • Ransomware teaches us the importance of data protection

    Tony Lock - Freeform Dynamics 29 Nov 2021
  • Several years ago, around the time that ransomware attacks started making the front pages of mainstream newspapers, not just in the IT press, I took part in a number of webcasts on the topic. The ...

  • Has Windows 11 strengthened the case for Chromebooks?

    Dale Vile - Freeform Dynamics 02 Nov 2021
  • I was left with two overriding thoughts following Microsoft’s recent launch of Windows 11 and the Windows 365 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) proposition. My first thought was positive and pragmatic. ...

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