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  • Last call for a European public cloud?

    Richard Edwards - Freeform Dynamics 05 Nov 2018
  • Europe’s self-described No.1 ‘hyper-scale cloud provider’, OVH, held its 6th annual customer conference in Paris recently. Attendees got to meet the new CEO, Michel Paulin, and hear about the ...

  • Industrial IoT makes your people more important, not less

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 01 Nov 2018
  • The recent Industry of Things World conference in Berlin offered insights into the state of the much-hyped Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At one end, big early adopters such as Airbus, ...

  • Google has got serious about Enterprise IT

    Dale Vile - Freeform Dynamics 24 Oct 2018
  • Google has made a complete about-face on the enterprise. It took so long that if you were watching all the time you probably didn’t notice it, but it has turned through 180 degrees. Thinking back ...

  • Millennial versus Mature – who's the real IT security risk?

    Tony Lock - Freeform Dynamics 29 Jun 2018
  • Passwords have been the mainstay for securing applications, devices and the data they hold, pretty much ever since IT was invented. It’s an approach that has always had weaknesses though, mostly ...

  • Enterprise AI: fiction and reality

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 18 Jun 2018
  • If you are starting to suspect that the AI hype is overblown, and that it's just the latest term that marketing folk love to add to make their product sound more interesting, you are not alone. ...

  • Your PC is rooted and jailbroken: deal with it!

    Richard Edwards - Freeform Dynamics 18 Jun 2018
  • One of the defining characteristics of the modern digital workplace is a Windows PC on every desk and a smartphone in every pocket. The ability to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and ...

  • Xero highlights the role of the modern software ecosystem

    Dale Vile - Freeform Dynamics 04 Jun 2018
  • I recently caught up with Gary Turner, co-founder and managing of director of Xero. I was interested in meeting him as Xero has a reputation as the company that broke all the rules of ...

  • Cloud storage is hot - again!

    Bryan Betts - Freeform Dynamics 31 May 2018
  • But what do people mean when they talk about cloud storage – and do they really know what it can do these days? Not so long ago, once you got beyond Dropbox, for most professional users cloud ...