YouTube is Five

YouTube is actually a little older than five, but the first ever video was uploaded to the site exactly five years ago today.

I’ve had a lot of fun myself with YouTube over the past five years. I documented the time I was trapped inside the revolving doors at a London law firm… a very expensive place to be trapped as we all know that lawyers charge by the minute:
I filmed the start of a Sex Pistols gig at Brixton and the footage ended up in a movie by director Julien Temple. Take a look at the end credits of ‘There’ll always be an England’ for my name.
I captured the moment a protestor unfurled a ‘Free Tibet’ flag in front of visiting Chinese dignitaries when the Olympic torch procession came to London – and the police then bundled her away before the papers could get photos.
And of course, I have also documented a lot of my own work. You can see an edited speech from my last book launch on YouTube and I’ve interviewed many executives on camera and made the video freely available using the site.
And this is really why YouTube is so important. It was started as a TV channel for everyone and the initial parallel drawn was the open-access cable channels popular in the USA, but it has grown into a far more powerful medium where it is now the first port-of-call for anyone seeking video content. Want to see a movie trailer? Go to YouTube. Want to see a music video? Go to YouTube. Want to see what a CEO said to analysts about his last set of results? Go to YouTube.
Happy birthday YouTube. I know we have had our differences, but life wouldn’t be the same without you.

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