Where is Gen Y?

An interesting topic came up during my debate last night with Dell, HSBC, and Vauxhall, who is generation Y and are they really all online constantly?
None of us at the dinner could claim to be generation Y, some would struggle to be classified as generation X… yet we are all online using tools that are perceived as something the young use constantly. But plenty of young people don’t endlessly tweet or update Facebook – it’s females over 55 who are the fastest rising users of Facebook.
HSBC has found that younger employees have more immediate demands, they are used to a level of immediate gratification that was not common even a decade ago – this can be manifested by an expectation for emails to be answered quickly, or information requests to be immediately actioned.
But does the new generation, brought up on being able to check Google for anything at anytime, behave differently to oldies when using social tools and what implication does that have for business?
I’m not sure of the answer, but I’m keen to work out a way of exploring this issue.

Social media dinner with Dell