Social events in real life

Have you tried organising an event recently?

Social media makes it easier to reach out to people, to advertise the event and to manage who is coming through tools like twtvite and eventbrite, but the place where every business person actually goes to – LinkedIn – actually has a bit of a rubbish events system.
Sure, it’s OK for planning an event and inviting people, but it can’t help you with ticketing, payment, badge printing, delegate list printing… all those things a proper event system would just do automatically.
I’m arranging an event at the moment for Computer Weekly writer Angelica Mari. She has just written her new book and if you look around for her on Linked In you should find the event, so this post is partly a plug for the event – do take a look and come along if you can – but also a gripe. Why can’t Linked In just make the whole process easier?

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Agreed, LinkedIn is terrible for structured event management. At best, you are left using comments to RSVP and/or decline. It's far from polished or well organised. I'm a big fan of Eventbrite, but it is disconnected from the environments where we traditionally plan and discuss social gatherings. LinkedIn would do well to either agree a deal with someone like Eventbrite (or even buy it) in order to integrate that functionality into the LinkedIn site. It would certainly make organising things like the monthly Digital Surrey events I attend so much easier for all concerned. Chris
i've been using facebook to organize an event, almost all people i target have facebook so it's not quite hard to inform them, i just invite them using the Event application Fb has