IntraTeam 2010

For any of you interested in intranets, I’m going to be talking at the IntraTeam conference in Copenhagen at the beginning of March. I’m onstage at 3.10pm on Wednesday 3rd, talking about email and how we can use social media to shift the burden of certain types of communication away from email and onto more suitable platforms.

If you’re going to be there, please do come and say hello if you see me!

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Coincidentally a colleague (Simon Elliott) was discussing the modern Intranet and how various tools may be harmonised to provide better collaboration and knowledge management. I would be interested in your thoughts... Grow your own Intranets
Not wanting to sound facetious, but "carefully" would be my answer. There's a lot that can be done to create the sense of a suite of tools for collaboration, but so much depends on which tools you're talking about, what your company culture is, how well used the collaboration tools already are, whether there is or has been a proper adoption strategy... Lots of variables to consider, so there's no blanket answer. However, it's the sort of work that I think every company should be doing because right now, most are missing out on the pretty simple economies of time and effort that proper collaboration can bring.
Suw, I agree with your sentiment. For me it is all about culture. If you have an internet culture then open standards and inoperable components are easily brought together into a something that looks homogeneous and feels good. but ... If your still at word and email culture then document management style solutions are attractive (note Im not saying right). The one stop shop is a quick solution. However I feel that the wining solution is the previous model, just because its cheaper.