What will your seven mobile devices be?

I have just had a very interesting chat with Cisco’s head of borderless networks in the UK and Ireland, Sarah Eccleston, about what changes bring your own device (BYOD) inspires in enterprise networks. 

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобильных телефонов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It isn’t always easy for the behemoth of networking to win over us tech journos but, credit where credit is due, this exec knew her stuff.

Mobile devices, especially wireless only ones, are driving Cisco to come up with new ways of installing wireless networks to enable countless numbers of users to access them, but also to allow all the different types of tablets, smartphones and laptops to connect securely.

However, it was the number of these devices and the Gartner research she referenced that caught my ear. Apparently, we are expected to carry round an average of seven by 2015.

We chatted about this in the office and could quickly name five, but seven?

The first obvious two devices we named were a personal mobile and a work mobile. However, with mobile virutalisation on the grow and the possibility of having one handset with two SIMs already on the table, it seems hard to believe we will have both in three years. Back to one then…

The next two again fell into the obvious categories: laptop and tablet. I personally don’t get the need to constantly carry two and, as a yet to be won over tablet doubter, I would stick to my laptop every time. Also if Ultrabooks take off or tablets continue to get more laptop-like capabilities, will we need both in the next three years?

So, already we have narrowed it down to two. I won’t accept MP3 player, especially for in three years’ time where the majority of us will use the ones built into our phone and others will stream from the likes of Spotify. A Kindle or other popular eBook reader could be added to the list but, if you are carrying around a tablet, will you need one? Yes, I prefer the eBook ink but not everyone is as picky as I am.

So, we have mobile phone, tablet or laptop and let’s leave room for one ‘entertainment’ device. Now, where are the other four?

Please let me know what your seven devices will be, as well as what size of bag you will need and if you have health insurance for the back problems that will ensue.  

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