No surprise whatsoever as Openreach names new CEO

After BT Openreach lost Joe Garner to the Nationwide Building Society at a critical juncture in its history, as I have previously written, it is entirely unsurprising that BT should turn to Clive Selley, a man with insider knowledge to take the wheel.

Selley is a safe pair of hands to steer Openreach through the choppy waters that lie ahead over the next couple of months, and an eminently sensible choice from a BT perspective.

My predictions for Clive’s tenure are as follows.

  • BT will close ranks around an insider and we will hear less candour from Openreach.
  • BT will continue to insist it is delivering measurable service improvements with convincing top line statistics that ignore the voices of those left dangling.
  • Actually, nothing will change.

Oh, and …

  • If Ofcom forces the separation of BT and Openreach next month, Mr Selley will quit faster than you can say Gigaclear.

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