Arrested for blogging

64 bloggers have been arrested in various parts of the world since 2003. A new report reveals that the majority of incidents took place in the Middle East and Asia with some in North America and Western Europe.

In China and Egypt arrests were for things such as taking part in a protest against constitutional amendments or for writing about human rights. Here in the UK a blogger was arrrested for incitement of racial hatred while in the USA one blogger was arrested for videotaping a burning police car and another for terrorism.

Never before has it been so easy to publish thoughts and opinions, and I suppose consequently more individuals will be publishing words considered to be offensive or constituting a crime. 

I hope there will continue to be brave individuals speaking out for human rights just as much as I hope that our own government will continue to come down hard on prejudice and racial hatred. I think the balance is right in this country.

Read the BBC story on the subject here.

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The Internet should be a place for the freedom of expression not repression. Internet censorship helps the Chinese authorities to hide human rights abuses - like their use of the death penalty, torture and detention without trial, and the persecution of human rights defenders. Amnesty International Australia is running a major campaign about this issue. Put your name to the anti-censoring pledge - - or discuss the issues at