SAS A2010: Information needs to be more accessible after data explosion

Making information more accessible to all business users is going to get more and more important for enterprises.


At today’s SAS’s 2010 analytics conference, Radhika Kulkarni, vice president of advanced analytics R&D for SAS US, said making data results more accessible to all business users – not just statisticians in the back office – will be one of the biggest emerging trends for the analytics industry.


Radhika compared 161 EB of data captured and replicated worldwide in 2006 with an expected 1800 EB in 2011 to suggest how an explosion in data will impact businesses.


From business decision-makers to call centre staff, she believes enterprises will have to make information accessible to all.


“By harnessing value from data, which can cause a flood of information, users can derive insight from it and give power to do more things, thereby increasing bottom-line,” said Kulkarni.


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