Microsoft workaround for using Yahoo Mail on Windows Phone 7 devices

Microsoft has named Yahoo Mail as the third-party application causing problems with data charges for some Windows Phone 7 users.

Until the fix is rolled out, Microsoft has advised users to do the following to avoid excessive data charges:

1. On the Start screen of Windows Phone 7, click on the arrow at the top right

2. Choose “Settings” from the app list

3. Choose “email & accounts”

4. Choose “Yahoo! Mail”

5. Click on the setting under “Download new content”

6. Select a less frequent setting. If you are using the default setting (every 2 hours), change this setting to ‘manually’

7. Click on the setting under “Download email from”

8. Select a shorter time range. If you are using the default setting (the last 2 weeks), change this setting to ‘the last 7 days’


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