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  • Delivery by drone or dead duck?

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 09 Apr 2015
  • A Queen quote might be appropriate - "is this the real life, is this just fantasy?"

  • Goodbye "paperless", hello "clueless"

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 01 Apr 2015
  • Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoons are often too close to workplace reality for comfort. A favourite strip from his book "I'm not anti-business, I'm anti-idiot" (another sentiment many would readily ...

  • Doing more with video conferencing

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 23 Mar 2015
  • Consistency, widespread availability and encouragement to use video regularly will have a real impact on adoption and if this is mixed with induction education to build early familiarity and ...

  • Redundant array of inexpensive 'things'

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 18 Mar 2015
  • There has been plenty of hype surrounding the internet of things (IoT) and especially super smart things such as the iconic Nest (now Google) thermostat. While many of these devices are ...

  • Extending unified communications

    Rob Bamforth - Timefort 16 Mar 2015
  • The challenge with UC is it needs to be applied everywhere and consistently which leads to a need for significant investment in a broad range of elements - software for UC clients, diverse hardware ...