Do NHS systems and NHS procedures encourage smartcard-sharing?

In response to the article on this blog “a culture among some NHS staff of smartcard sharing” GP Gavin Jamie writes:

“I am sure it is no surprise to many that it is often the IT systems that implicitly encourage password sharing. If two people use a computer then the switch process is more like logging out and logging back in again in Windows than the instant switch you see behind a bar or with point of sale systems.

“Procedures too often encourage this system. As a junior doctor it wasroutinely a week before I ever received my pass around the hospital andso for the first few days, when nobody knew my face, I would bang onthe door and be let into sensitive locations. I am sure systems havenot changed.

“24 hour cover for lost passwords/cards and instantissuing of credentials is expensive and difficult but unless there areno situations where sharing a password is acceptable then a culture ofacceptance will develop.”

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