BT heckled at its own open source conference

Interesting column on BT,  Foss (free and open source software) and the NPfIT

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I think "heckling" might be a fun headline, but not be the right description for what I heard on the day.

There were some well thought out frustrations from the audience around government processes and policies which advocate openness, community participation and using open source, but which aren't resulting in FOSS and collaborative development being adopted for large projects.

It was a point well made, and which nobody on stage disputed, I recall several suggestions offered in response, the most feasible of which being to improve awareness of the risks and benefits and ways of managing FOSS within systems integrators such as BT. Which was the really one of the main aims for the "Accelerating Enterprise adoption of Open Source Software" event.

[disclosure: I work for, but am not representing BT]