School-up & tool-up: Kasten by Veeam offers free Kubernetes learning

Kubernetes adoption has grown rapidly. 

But perhaps that should not be a surprise. 

Cloud is an essentially composable, compartmentalised, collection of componentised collected compute (and storage and analytics etc.) resources and Kubernetes is a container orchestrator (obviously) capable of bringing order to chaos.

But, there are challenges.

Do a Google search for “Why is Kubernetes so ____ “ and right next to POPULAR, you’ll get COMPLICATED.

A report by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) found that more than 90% of organisations surveyed were using Kubernetes in 2020 — an increase of 33% over the previous two years.

But despite that high number, not all firms evidence the same level of operator competency among developers and DevOps engineers. 

In short, Kubernetes is out there, but not everyone knows how to use ut and what to do with it. 

Kasten by Veeam wants to do something about this reality. As a reminder Disaster Recovery (DR)and data protection company Veeam acquired Kasten’s specific DR competencies in 2020… and Kasten is now an independent business unit within Veeam.

Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series is a newly launched free educational programme intended to improve the Kubernetes skill sets of all levels of ‘all practitioners’, by which the company means novices, developers, operations and Kubernetes administrators.

Application mobility, backup & DR

This is a self-paced, interactive and hands-on course with expert instruction, resources (training materials) and tools for Kubernetes users. Heavily skewed to open source technologies and cloud native environments, the compay promises to address application mobility, backup and disaster recovery throughout.

Kamra: Keep calm and connect to collect key Kubernetes karma.

Kasten by Veeam is one of those company’s we think of in the content of overcoming Day 2 data management challenges i.e. point at which users (and now, increasingly, machines too) actually start using a deployed technology.

Kasten by Veeam promises it is offering free Kubernetes training opportunities for the most ‘sought after’ Kubernetes skills based on practical, real world implementations, use cases and experience.

“Kubernetes is the de facto platform for running applications at scale. Enterprises are increasingly reliant on its ecosystem for business operations. Cloud, development and IT operations teams must keep up with the rate of innovation happening on the platform,” said Vaibhav Kamra, CTO and co-founder, Kasten by Veeam. 

Kamra makes note of the fact that his firm will provide a “KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021 Special Edition Lab” for attendees and virtually as part of this year’s conference.

Key Kubernetes (K)cornerstones

Also available will be the first full learning module, Kubernetes Principles, which includes three hands-on 60 minute labs: 

o    Lab 1 – Build your first Kubernetes cluster

o    Lab 2 – Installing and exploring an application

o    Lab 3 – Backing up an application

As users complete labs, they will be awarded badges to acknowledge their accomplishments. Additional modules will be launched in 2021 and beyond.

“There is serious demand on engineers and architects to be increasingly fluent in using Kubernetes to build and deploy containerised applications and services. However, the platform is still relatively new and requires new skills to be learned,” said Adam Fisher, technical solutions architect, World Wide Technology. 

To register for the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series and complete Module One: Kubernetes Principles, please visit



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