Scanuppa you face: Exadel open sources CompreFace facial recognition tool

Within appropriate boundaries governing personal security, identity protection, data governance and information sharing compliance, there’s a strong argument for making all facial recognition software application development and data exchange an entirely (or at least predominantly) open source practice.

California headquartered Exadel agrees with the above statement.

The company has this month released of CompreFace, an open-source facial recognition application. 

CompreFace (comprehending faces, get it?) can be integrated as a standalone service or deployed via the cloud. 

The software’s ‘roles system’ controls which users can access the ‘Face Collection’ function — and, each user can create several Face Collections based on different subsets of people.

Lev Shur, president of Exadel Solutions argues that facial recognition technology is being rapidly adopted across a variety of industries, including retail, travel and hospitality. 

However, asserts Shur, not everyone has the machine learning experience necessary to develop and deploy facial recognition efficiently and effectively. 

“[We at] Exadel designed CompreFace as a facial recognition solution that can be leveraged no matter what level of machine learning knowledge the end-user has. And since it is an open-source solution, users can trust the quality and security of the app.”

CompreFace can be set up and used without machine learning knowledge. 

The software uses deep neural networks — a well-regarded face recognition method. CompreFace has demonstrated accuracy even when there is only one example of a face.

There is a UI panel with roles for access control and a fast start option with one docker command — the GitHub page is here.

Ah, Joe Dolce would be proud… scanuppa you face.

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