SUSE offers a Neu approach to container security, opens NeuVector codebase

SUSE has announced the NeuVector codebase to the open source community on GitHub

The German softwarehaus claims that NeuVector the first truly open source end-to-end [container] security solution.

That’s a pretty meaty statement – or ‘fleischige aussage’ as they say in German… so how so?

NeuVector offers continuous vulnerability scanning across a container lifecycle for end-to-end runtime security, container segmentation for compliance control and deep network visibility across pods.

SUSE says that when it comes to container security when building and running Kubernetes applications, the NeuVector codebase will allow Rancher (a Kubernetes cluster management tool) users to address major security use cases across the application lifecycle, including:

  • Deep network visibility, inspection and segmentation
  • Vulnerability, configuration and compliance management
  • Risk profiling, threat detection and incident response

The NeuVector open source container images can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. They are available for Rancher users to install from the Rancher application catalogue. 

Going forward, SUSE’s president of engineering & innovation Sheng Liang anticipates greater levels of integration.

In the spirit of openness, NeuVector will is positioned as solution for all cloud native adopters’ use with other enterprise container management platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift, VMWare Tanzu, Google GKE, Amazon EKS, Microsoft Azure AKS and others. 

The work to fully open source a formerly proprietary technology is a testament to SUSE’s open source culture and our commitment to deliver open, interoperable and innovative solutions,” said Liang.

Enterprise-grade zero trust

Liang: NeuVector is a ‘testament’ to SUSE’s open source culture – amen.

Liang describes NeuVector as an end-to-end open source container security platform, that delivers enterprise-grade zero trust security for containerised workloads. 

SUSE closed its NeuVector acquisition three months ago back in late 2021. The technology will now power the latest container security innovations in Rancher, SUSE’s flagship Kubernetes management platform. 

“NeuVector project will allow Rancher users to address major security use cases across the application lifecycle, including deep network visibility, inspection and segmentation; vulnerability, configuration, and compliance management; and risk profiling, threat detection, and incident response. The NeuVector project will be the code behind Rancher’s advanced cluster security features,” added Liang.

Once fully integrated into Rancher, NeuVector will provide community users and customers using any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge with Kubernetes-native security for their production infrastructures and workloads throughout the entire application lifecycle.  

NeuVector on GitHub is here:

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