Red Kubes open sources Otomi containers

Red Kubes is a provider of a turn-key out-of-the-box (Ed: enough hyphens already!) Kubernetes-based container platform product.

The company has now open sourced the Otomi Container Platform community edition , which is curated with what are said to be ‘proven’ open source applications and policies for governance and security.

So then, this is a Kubernetes-based container platform solution that makes Kubernetes adoption predictable, cost-effective and safe.

While the industry’s move toward the containerization of applications is happening fast, some of the technologies to support this shift are argued to be still in their infancy. 

As we know, Kubernetes is the clear leader for doing this work but remains, at this phase, too complex for some to use.

The reality and upshot then?

Software application developers and DevOps pros end up with homegrown solutions or high-priced consultants who build custom platforms, which can be costly and hard to manage.

“We see companies spending a lot of time on Kubernetes and struggling with reinventing the wheel all by themselves,” said Sander Rodenhuis, founder and CEO of Red Kubes.

Rodenhuis grandly claims to be ‘laying down the tracks’ to guide users through the Kubernetes wild-west with a production-grade integrated solution to guarantee predictability with a developer-first philosophy.

A developer-first philosophy

The Otomi Container Platform was created with the 12-factor app methodology to design a Kubernetes-based container management platform that embraces existing open source projects while being open for inevitable change over time.

Otomi is extensible and can be installed on top of Kubernetes clusters in AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premises.

The Otomi Container Platform community edition is available now and new releases are scheduled periodically with a transparent roadmap of planned features and functionality. 


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