Pusher: treat developers ‘as customers’

Pusher is a developer tools company that makes communication and collaboration APIs for web and mobile applications.

The company’s core product is called Channels, developers use it to create features such as in-app notifications, activity streams, chat, real-time dashboards and multi-user collaborative apps.

News that almost passed us by last month saw Pusher released its new Pusher Developer Package as a new route offering access to 13 key services.

Pusher is joined in this project by service suppliers including Algolia, Auth0, ButterCMS, Chargebee, Cloudflare, Codeship, DataDog, DigitalOcean, Instabug, MongoDB, Mux.com, Nexmo and SendGrid.

Developers can use the key APIs for apps, from hosting, real-time communications, data storage and authentication to email, data measurement and search.

“We are happy to partner with Pusher on this project to help developers build apps. We care about saving them time and helping them overcome the challenges of reliably delivering emails as their products grow,” said Paul Ford, VP of community development, SendGrid.

Zan Markan, developer evangelist at Pusher says that Pusher was at the forefront of the PaaS revolution that focused on developers as customers

Pusher claims to currently have over 250,000 developer customers across 170 countries.

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