Living the (stream) dream: Aiven Apache Flink & Klaw

Open source cloud data platform company Aiven has announced a streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka.

The intention is to offer a robust and fully open source real-time data ecosystem with the latest additions of (what is a beta service of) Aiven for Apache Flink, a stream processing framework – and Klaw, a data governance tool for Apache Kafka.

Aiven claims to be the first company to offer managed Apache Kafka in the cloud (that was back in 2016) and says that with recent acquisition of Klaw, Aiven now provides a portfolio of solutions and services around Apache Kafka to let customers transport, manage, process, operate and efficiently govern their organisation’s streaming data in real-time.

NOTE: Aiven recently announced Klaw in September 2022 after acquiring Kafkawize, a self-service open source data governance tool for Apache Kafka. Klaw is now an open source data governance tool that helps enterprises exercise Apache Kafka topic and schema governance in a self-service manner

Customers utilising the Aiven platform can now tap into new capabilities with Aiven’s end-to-end open source event streaming architecture. 

“Aiven is on a mission to manage software that makes developers’ lives easier – and with our complete, open source streaming ecosystem of technologies around Aiven for Apache Kafka, we’re able to do just that and more for our users,” said Helsinki Finland-located Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and Co-Founder of Aiven.

The open source streaming architecture included in Aiven’s open source streaming ecosystem for Apache Kafka includes:

Saarenmaa: Living the stream dream.

Aiven for Apache Kafka: the core event streaming framework, allowing real-time data transport to manage, operate and transport data streams in one place, with the ability to also integrate with other Aiven services, cloud regions and external systems.

Also included is Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect: a managed, fully open source, distributed service enabling customers to integrate existing data sources and sinks with Aiven for Apache Kafka and Aiven for Apache Kafka MirrorMaker2: a managed, fully open source distributed data replication service for cluster to cluster data replication, disaster recovery and geographic proximity across multiple regions and cloud providers.

Aiven for Apache Flink (beta): is a managed, fully open source streaming SQL engine for stateful stream processing over data streams – and Karapace: is an open source Kafka Schema Registry that applications can access to serialise and deserialise messages with popular formats such as AVRO, Protobuf and JSON.

Aiven is headquartered in Helsinki with hubs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. 

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