How do you solve a problem like ‘bad database days’ MariaDB?

MariaDB Community Server 10.6 has arrived.

But, to be honest, version 10.6 doesn’t sound like more than a ‘point release’ not worth worrying too much about, right?

The company insists otherwise and says this is a “major new release” that brings significant advancements to the open source MariaDB community. 

So what’s in the box?

The company has added features for developers with JSON table functionality to free users from (potentially expensive) proprietary ties with expanded PL/SQL compatibility.

PL/SQL (Procedural Language for SQL) is Oracle’s procedural extension for SQL and the Oracle relational database

Bad database days 

It has also added insurance for so-called bad database days with atomic DDL that supports MariaDB’s multiple storage engine architecture. 

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MariaDB’s columnar engine for analytics also received upgrades for user experience, stability and new features like disk-based aggregation.

Max Mether, co-founder and VP of server product management, MariaDB Corporation explains Atomic DDL and says that, “With MariaDB Community Server 10.6, Data Definition Language (DDL) is now atomic, increasing crash recovery by ensuring any DDL statement is either fully executed or not at all.”

Unlike MySQL, MariaDB implemented atomic DDL in the database layer so it supports various workloads using different storage engines, with immediate support for InnoDB and Aria storage engines. Atomic DDL support for other storage engines is coming soon.

Last year, columnar analytics was added as a supported storage engine for MariaDB, delivering analytics for all. Unlike MySQL, analytics in MariaDB is open source and can be deployed anywhere. 

The general availability of MariaDB Community Server 10.6 is available for free direct download at in early July 2021. 



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