Hello AIOpsO, Dynatrace & Atlassian team for observability-enriched AIOps

Atlassian has selected enterprise cloud application and data service observability platform company Dynatrace as its launch partner for its Open DevOps initiative.

Atlassian has (arguably, boldly) coined the term Open DevOps initiative for itself (Ed – many other DevOps initiatives exist, some of which make extensive use of open technologies, but hey, let’s go with it) to describe a programme that combines Atlassian products and software from partners.

“We want to deliver full lifecycle value to customers,” say the firms, well, don’t they all?

As part of this drive, Dynatrace is leading in the observability category, offering six integrations with Atlassian to ensure the companies shared DevOps customers can use the Dynatrace observability platform along with Jira (for issue tracking) as well as Bitbucket (a lightweight technology for building your own continuous delivery (CI) pipeline, Bamboo (a continuous integration and deployment tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow) and Opsgenie (technology that allows softwar teams to define duty schedules for specific parts of a monitored infrastructure).

Hello AIOpsO

So if this is Dynatrace & Atlassian teaming for observability-enriched AIOps, wouldn’t that be AIOpsO?

With this approach, the companies claim that developers, operations and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) teams can rely on a single source of truth, while they natively monitor and evaluate Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in production and pre-production, and benefit from an enterprise grade control plane that can automatically orchestrate the delivery and roll-back of code across the DevOps pipeline. 

In addition, Dynatrace’s Davis AI provides development teams with root-cause analysis with code-level detail to proactively resolve anomalies, often before they impact users.

“We built the Dynatrace platform to enable organisations to innovate, drive digital transformation, and achieve better business results. DevOps is at the core of that and together with Atlassian we are making it even easier for teams to develop great software,” said Eric Horsman, global director of strategic alliances at Dynatrace. 

Horsman ends by saying that his company is driving observability to unify AIOps and continuous automation, a process which will help software application development teams to build new cloud-native apps faster and with greater consistency.

You can visit the Atlassian Marketplace to explore the integrations.


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