F5 caps off growth plans with acquisition of Nginx

The privately held Nginx will be acquired for a total enterprise value of approximately £500 million.

Nginx points to its open source community as one of the most attractive elements of the combination of the two firms.

F5 also says that open source (and user community interaction) is a core part of F5’s multi-cloud strategy and a driver for F5’s next phase of innovation.

As such, F5 expects the combination with Nginx will accelerate its product integrations with [some leading but unspecified] open source projects and will enhance its strong technology partnerships with open source vendors.

F5 has said that it will maintain Nginx operations in San Francisco, California and other locations globally.

President & CEO of F5  François Locoh-Donou says that his firm’s application security and application services portfolio will work well with Nginx’s software application delivery and API management solutions and its open source user base.

F5 explains that it intends to enhance Nginx’s current offerings with F5 security solutions and integrate F5 cloud-native innovations with Nginx software load balancing technology — F5 will also use its global sales force, channel infrastructure, and partner ecosystem to scale Nginx selling opportunities.

No comment was made as to whether or not the F5 would start spelling Nginx without capitalisation, given that the company name is neither an acronym or an initialism of any form.

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