Databricks 'lays foundations' for machine learning (sorry)

Everybody is loving that thing we’re all calling machine learning aren’t they?

Splunk wants to make it mainstream, several other firms want to demystify it (or probably democratise it… or both) and Databricks wants to basically just make sure we all get a slice of the pie.

The firm says that while Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are hot… the lack of data science and software engineering skills in this space is holding us back.

Spark up

The company itself is known for its Databricks-branded Unified Analytics Platform and the company was founded by the team who created Apache Spark – the open source processing engine built around speed and sophisticated analytics.

Databricks is keen to tell us that it has opened a new EMEA headquarters in London and there is probably a list of new VP-types to help celebrate the fact.

Of more interest (arguably), we can look at how the firm’s analytics platform might now help bridge the gaps that exist around automating analysis of data and deploying it to suit the business — this, could be the real sensitivity point.

“We are seeing huge and rapidly growing demand within enterprises for help with their machine learning and AI strategies and specifically their Spark deployments,” commented Ali Ghodsi, CEO at Databricks. “The demand is particularly strong in Europe and as such, it is our top priority for global expansion. With the opening of our London office, we will have a stronger springboard to drive growth and better serve our customers in EMEA.”

Shell has said that working with Databricks has allowed the petrochemicals giant to use  big data  across its business and create operational efficiencies in its supply chain.

Fertile breeding, in London

Deputy Mayor of London for business Rajesh Agrawal has added appropriate platitutdes and claims that the UK capital is “a fertile breeding ground” for companies developing disruptive technologies.

In an effort to accelerate global growth, the company recently raised $140 million from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, New Enterprise Associates and Battery Ventures.