Container-native, it’s now ‘a thing’

San Francisco headquartered software analytics company New Relic has acquired Belgian container and microservices monitoring firm CoScale.

Neither firm is essentially open source in its core approach, but the technologies being interplayed here essentially are.

CoScale’s expertise is in monitoring container and microservices environments, with a special focus on Kubernetes — the open source container orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications originally designed by Google.

New Relic notes that Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for orchestrating containerized applications, which it indeed has.


The company claims that CoScale has been a leader in providing container-native (not a term we have used much up until now) monitoring for Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift, always with the aim of providing full-stack container visibility in production environments.

Key CoScale team members will join New Relic and relocate to its European Development Center in Barcelona, Spain.

As of now, a Google search for “what is container native” automatically extends and auto-completes to “what is container native storage”, but that may be because Red Hat directly brands a product in the space as Container Native Storage (CNS).

We could perhaps quite reasonably suggest that, soon, this may change to “what is container native development” as we now look to use this increasingly de facto form to govern the way we use cloud resources in live production software application development environments.

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