China's Huawei is top 20 OpenStack contributor

Everyone’s favourite Chinese hard-to-pronounce comms company Huawei (English pronunciation: “Hwah-way”) has this month used the four-day OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong to commit to OpenStack commercialisation.

As the first China-based vendor to be granted Gold Membership by the OpenStack Foundation, Huawei is a “top 20 code contributor” according to Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation.

Network evolution in the cloud-computing era

The company is dabbling with Software Defined Network (SDN) as well as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as part of the challenges facing OpenStack in ICT integration.

The firm will now collaborate with Mirantis (an OpenStack company) to demonstrate an all-in-one OpenStack solution, which allows customers to deploy OpenStack-based applications, thereby (in theory) accelerating the commercialisation of OpenStack technologies.

Zhipeng speaks…

“We are now in the open source era and Huawei is very confident with the development prospect of OpenStack,” said Ren Zhipeng, president of Huawei’s cloud division.

The firm confirms that currently, over 500 Huawei experts are participating in the R&D of the OpenStack open-source project and the development of OpenStack-based cloud computing solutions.

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