Bow to your Sensu

As all self-respecting geeks now, it’s important to bow to your sensei.

When it comes to open source cloud-native user-centric monitoring, it may soon be important to bow to your Sensu.

Sensu Go is a described as a scalable and user-centric monitoring event pipeline, designed to improve (infrastructure) visibility and streamline workflows.

When Sensu talks infrastructure visibility, the company means infrastructure from Kubernetes to bare metal.

The firm aims to provide a single source of truth among application and infrastructure monitoring tools.

“With a distributed architecture, updated dashboard, a newly designed API, direct support for automated and live deployment of monitoring plugins to traditional and cloud-native environments (and designed with Kubernetes in mind) Sensu Go brings an elevated level of flexibility and integration for enterprises,” said the firm, in a press statement.

Sensu Go supports the integration of industry-standard formats, including Prometheus, StatsD and Nagios, as well as integration with enterprise products such as Splunk, Elastic, ServiceNow, Slack, InfluxDB etc.

“Sensu Go empowers businesses to automate their monitoring workflows, offering a comprehensive monitoring solution for their entire infrastructure,” said Caleb Hailey, CEO of Sensu. “This latest release features human-centered design, with an emphasis on ease of use and quick time to value.”

The new versioned API is redesigned toestablish a stable API contract and is said to be powerful enough to configure the entire Sensu Go instance and built to enable users who want to extend Sensu capabilities.

Sensu Go now provides direct support for downloading and installing server plugins and agent plugins with no additional tooling; i.e., no dependency on configuration management or custom Docker images.

Finally, there’s also Jira integration (enterprise only) – Jira is Atlassian’s issue and project tracking software and another enterprise solution request by the Sensu community. The Jira handler, also a Sensu event handler, creates and updates Jira issues.

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