Bonitasoft gets cute on AWS for low-code BPM

There has been an undeniable popularisation of so-called ‘low-code’ programming platforms.

This is a strain of technology designed to provide automated blocks of functionality that can be brought together by non-technical staff to perform specific compute and analysis tasks to serve their own business objectives.

If not quite always completely ‘drag-and-drop’ in terms of the way they operate, low-code interfaces are presented in the most intuitive way possible i.e. they rarely resemble the command line.

Among the newer names bubbling in this space is Bonitasoft.

Cute name

Bonita (pretty, cute) and soft (like, software, yeah) – get it?

As an essentially open source Business Process Management (BPM) company, Bonitasoft is now partnering with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an attempt to broaden its appeal and reach.

“When you choose an application development platform with low code features, you gain greater control and visibility over critical business workflows and processes, increasing efficiency and throughput,” claims the firm.

The newly released Bonita 7.6 has been opened to market in line with the AWS deal. It is presented in a fully open source iteration and as a commercially supported licensed version with support and advanced features.

Continuous Delivery

The new Bonita Continuous Delivery add-on is intended to reduce deployment time by offering automatic provisioning capabilities.

Bonita Continuous Delivery (once added in as an add-on) can connect with Ansible and Docker to perform said  provisioning.

“With cloud-based access though AWS, digital process applications on the Bonita platform are easily highly distributed and secure,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, CEO and founder of Bonitasoft. “We are pleased to have AWS as part of our partner ecosystem.”

Bonita applications are compatible with on-premises and AWS clouds.

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