Azul Systems brews up fresh blend for open source Java

Java runtime solutions company Azul Systems has announced the general availability of its Zulu release of OpenJDK 14 builds.

The builds are compliant with the Java SE 14 standard.  

The company says that Zulu 14 is available in a variety of package types spanning multiple operating systems and is available for immediate free download.

As has been the case for all Zulu distributions since OpenJDK 6, Azul’s Zulu builds of OpenJDK 14 are fully compliant with the Java SE 14 specification.  

All Zulu 14 JDKs and JREs are verified against and pass the TCK certification tests required to ensure the correct execution of Java SE 14 applications.  

In terms of notable records, Azul’s Zulu distributions of OpenJDK have delivered the widest range of versions, package types, OS platform and processor support of all OpenJDK distributions. 

“The Java SE 14 specification brings a compelling new set of features and enhancements to the OpenJDK project,” said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. “The Java platform continues to evolve rapidly in anticipation of the requirements of the next generation of Java-based applications and infrastructure.” 

The company says that open source projects and enterprises alike regularly use Zulu builds of OpenJDK  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15EA (early access) to create, run and test Java applications.

Developer goodie bag

Notable JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) include:

  • JEP 361: Extended enhancements to the switch expression, standardising the features first previewed in JDK 12 and JDK 13.
  • JEP 358: Better information regarding NullPointerExceptions, to allow for better debugging and troubleshooting of a commonly-encountered set of program errors.
  • JEP 349: Event Streaming APIs for Flight Recorder, which can be used by Java Mission Control to analyze data directly received from a running JVM

Free Zulu Community builds of OpenJDK supporting Java 14 can be downloaded from the Azul website.

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