AppScale FastStart for Google Compute Engine & AWS

AppScale Systems makes AppScale, it’s a logical enough thing – but what is it?

AppScale itself is an open source implementation of Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to run applications on Google’s infrastructure so that they are easy to scale as traffic and data storage needs change.

So what’s new?

AppScale (the company we started with) has introduced FastStart – but what is it?

Well it’s called FastStart because it’s fast at starting.

In what is said to be less than 10 minutes, FastStart users can deploy and start their App Engine applications on top of AppScale using Google Compute Engine or Amazon Web Services.

FastStart for GCE and AWS are the latest deployment options for App Engine applications on AppScale.

Here come old flattop

This news follows Canonical’s recent announcement that AppScale can now be deployed via JuJu, Canonical’s open source orchestration management tool.

These introductions go some way to illustrating AppScale’s simplicity and scalability for creating web and mobile applications and highlight the portability and flexibility of the platform, says the firm.

According to a press statement, “With over six million active apps running globally, Google App Engine is the most popular PaaS on the market for creating web and mobile applications. Open source AppScale brings additional deployment flexibility to App Engine and provides fine-grained control overOps, which is a requirement of the enterprise.”

Woody Rollins, CEO of AppScale says that his customers love that they can use AppScale to standardise application development — taking advantage of the rapid development, scalability and efficiency of the AppScale development model while gaining the confidence that their apps are portable across all infrastructures.

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