Virtual Virtualization

Had a chat on Friday with Andrew Hillier, CTO of CiRBA (and nothing to do with the garden centre business as far as I know) –

Anyway, Andrew’s company is in the world of modelling, no, not legs and stuff but capacity planning and suchlike. Interestingly, I was involved myself in the mid-late ’90’s doing a lot of testing with a start-up NetFusion, but I guess it was ahead of the game. Which is another way of saying it didn’t exactly sell for billions to a big American company.

The one big driver here seems to be – again – virtualization. So, capacity planning for a data centre, for example, without virtualization is tough enough, but add in the virtual element and the complexities of analysis capacity and related requirements go through the roof (virtual or otherwise).

So, with the CiRBA software you can perform all kinds of what-if analysees before churning out the proposed solution. There are all kinds of dash board so you can visualize your, er, virtualized environment. At the heart of the product is an analysis engine that takes all your requirements and number crunches away.

How well does it work – well I hope to get my hands on it soon enough, so I’ll let you know.