CCTV Applications I Hadn't Thought Of...

Having recently written a white paper on IP Surveillance systems for D-Link, of the many applications I described within, none were related to that which has led to my morning cuppa being rudely interrupted; namely by footage on BBC Breakfast TV of a neighbourly dispute in Lincolnshire whereby three neighbours had installed CCTV cameras focused on another neghbour’s house and garden to prove what dodgy neighbours they were.

The dodgy neighbours apparently are indeed a bit “dodgy” but playing up to the cameras in this instance is inevitable, such as their claimed simulated sex; she certainly had a very large bra… And the best bit – the name of the village this is all taking place in: “Wrangle”.

And this isn’t a one-off situation – quote from another public dispute: “My opposite neighbour is making our life hell. He has 5, yes 5 CCTV cameras at the back of his house and 2 at the front.”

Of course, there are two problems here. One – The Data Protection Act, which covers the use of CCTV cameras in commercial situations, doesn’t apply to domestic use, so the only laws which apply are those which normally relate to still and video photography: Two – CCTV technology AKA IP Surveillance – is now incredible cheap and connects straight into your domestic WiFi.

What I love about this stuff is that, whatever the IT vendors come up with as the raison(s) d’etre for their technologies, the person in the street comes up with far more personal applications to drive the market with. Remember – the only reason we had CD and now DVD drives in our PCs/laptops is because this revolution started with home computers when the office was still using Frisbee Net technology – or real networks of course…