And Yet More SDN...

I don’t think I can remember a time – and this is saying something – when there were SO many hyper buzz-phrases in IT circulation as there are currently. Every cloud variant, Big Data, SDN…

So it’s good for the system, soul and sensibility to get behind the hype and see what vendors are actually offering between the lines. At Interop Vegas yesterday (where the food and wine quality sank to new depths c/o some alleged Mexican resto – and we all know Mexico produces superb wines… I met up with IP Infusion, who have been around for a decade or so but are now attaching themselves to the SDN wave – but in a good way. Basically IP Infusion creates a software based multi-service delivery platform – and always has done. Just that it now has to call it SDN to be fashionable, but all the better that the guys got there years ago. Basically, the technology decouples the control and data plane, the network services from the network OS and hardware, protocol stack and applications – meaning it is very flexible; probably THE key word if we accept the whole cloud scenario. It also gave proof that Open Flow is being deployed; IP Infusion showed a demo with two networks set up with redundant paths; one using (the hateful) Spanning Tree and one using Open Flow – both with live video streaming (i.e. the classic demo!). Not only was the latter more robust but recovery time was less than half that of STA when we induced a failure (by using the high tech methodology of yanking a cable out).
What was interesting with all the vendors I saw yesterday at Interop is that they were all focused on providing one specific element, rather than a “box”. Netronome – ultra fast processing hardware; Vineyard Networks, DPI engine to sit on, for example Netronome’s hardware, Anue – the glue that sits between the network monitoring/test tools and the stuff what’s being tested and makes sure it all gets optimised and automated. So there’s definitely a trend going on here that takes us back to best of breed ingredients and the chance to pick n mix.
More from Interop later…
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