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  • Open source could be Brazil's real advantage

    Angelica Mari 08 Jun 2010
  • Yesterday, I had an interesting lunch with Flavio Grynzpan, formerly president of Motorola in Brazil. Now a consultant who actively promotes the Brazilian IT industry internationally, Grynzpan is ...

  • A week in Brazil

    Angelica Mari 08 Jun 2010
  • I am currently in Brazil as a guest of the government and over the next few days, I will be talking to buyers and sellers of technology, analysts and influencers about the potential and challenges ...

  • Suppliers as innovation referees

    Angelica Mari 03 Jun 2010
  • UK IT is a small world. Consequently, many CIOs know each other and that close-knit community has allowed several 'structured' collaboration initiatives to flourish. Many IT leaders are working ...

  • Building an online reputation

    Angelica Mari 02 Jun 2010
  • Following our banter on the CW500 LinkedIn group around use of social media in the CIO community and my previous post on the topic, I heard some interesting views from IT leaders in relation to ...

  • Social media lessons for CIOs

    Angelica Mari 20 May 2010
  • CIOs must grasp the concept of content curation and let people know about their online interactions - as well as writing in a way that sparks debate.

  • Shopping for skills worldwide

    Angelica Mari 18 May 2010
  • Hello all - this is my first blog post in this space, where I plan to talk about IT management trends and current issues around leadership and skills that I have observed when talking to various ...