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  • Knowing "the business" - the perennial debate

    Angelica Mari 14 Sep 2010
  • "Knowing the business" seems to be the main attribute of great IT leaders and something that the vast majority of the managers I talk to as essential to succeed. But how do you get to know the ...

  • The CIO as Chief Implementation Officer

    Alistair Behenna - Telecity Group 12 Sep 2010
  • The great CIO as Chief Implementation Officer is the spade wielding, no nonsense and completely focused delivery tool that turns the great ideas of the Intsigator into operational fact and excellence.

  • Is HMV's strategy out of tune?

    Angelica Mari 10 Sep 2010
  • Yesterday, retailer HMV Group said sales in UK and Ireland fell by almost 15%, once again demonstrating how companies from the sector are struggling to catch up with the changing customer demands...

  • IT Capability Reviews: diving below the surface

    Angelica Mari 02 Sep 2010
  • So far this year, thirteen new CIOs have been appointed in FTSE 100 companies. By the time you read this, the number will probably be higher.Those CIOs with good listening skills and a sensitive ...

  • The CIO as Chief Instigation Officer

    Alistair Behenna - Telecity Group 25 Aug 2010
  • In the quest for IT to be recognised as a completely integrated business function the CIO is increasingly being advised to dress, talk and walk the walk of business whilst at the same time driving ...