UK Border Agency says errors in immigration rules led to details being pulled from website

I blogged yesterday about the fact that the government (UK Border Agency) had withdrawn new details on salaries for immigrant workers from its website.

Many people in the IT sector were quite surprised about the increase in the minimum salaries for offshore IT workers. This was welcome news for many. So when they were pulled there was obviously a bit of suspicion. Until we see the revised data there is little more to this story, but for the record the UKBA have got back to me and told me the data was withdrawn because of errors.

Here is what Steve Lamb, regional operations manager at the UKBA said: “We have been alerted to errors in two of the recently published Codes of Practice and these are now being corrected. In the meantime, the previous codes have been reinstated onto our website.”

Lets hope the errors aren’t the salary figures themselves.