Steria CEO wants shared services to be introduced after general election

John Torrie, CEO of Steria UK, wants the use of shared services to be accelerated in the government after the election.

john torrie final.JPG
He says:

“The next government should look to mandate successful service delivery models across different public sector departments. Today, there is a strong argument to mandate the shared services model of handling ‘non core’ public sector activities. Shared services allow back-office functions (such as payroll, accounting, etc.)  to be outsourced and delivered as reliable services based on a common platform and best practices.  This model not only delivers a change in culture, but it facilitates improved operational performance, efficiency and cost savings, as well as allowing staff to focus on frontline duties.”

If you want my view the current government’s IT plans to utilise the cloud would support shared services.

As I wrote in an earlier blog cloud computing could hasten shared services and help with the massive efficiency savings.