People should be given tools to insource healthcare if NHS savings are to be made?

Electronic medical records not only promise to make doctors more efficient but could also help patients reduce their demands on the NHS.

I wrote an article yesterday about some research from Accenture looking at access to electronic patient records.

It revealed that over three quarters (77%) of English patients think they should have full access to patient records but only 34% of doctors agree. It found that 63% of English patients are not self-tracking personal health information, such as blood pressure, weight and physical activity. This compares to 49% in the other countries surveyed.

Wouldn’t it be good if people began to take more care of their own health? Having information at their fingertips is a good start for people to insource their own healthcare.

After all doctors only get 10 minutes with patients and that’s just when they visit a doctor which for most people is not very often.

I am not suggesting self-diagnosis using the internet although I have done that myself in the past after two doctors told me there was nothing wrong. After the second doctor told me nothing was wrong I Googled it. I then went to a third doctor armed with what I had learned. Who confirmed it as being the case.