Ousted IT blogger speaks out

With stories all over the IT press about UK IT workers losing their jobs to offshore staff we thought it would be good to hear the story from the horse’s as it were.

An IT worker who lost his job at a major financial services business has agreed to do a series of blogs for us describing life during and after an Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) changed his life.

From earning over £40,000 a year he gets just over £64 a week.  And his skills are idle.

Here is the first blog in a series:

1 – Situation vacant

By IT Jobseeker

Like Karl Flinders I was glad to see the recent report in The Times highlighting the loophole in the inter-company transfer system that allows Indian IT workers into the UK, at the expense of their local counterparts. I speak from the heart, as well as the wallet: I am just one of many who have lost their jobs as a result of this abuse. 
 I was happily working for a well-known UK insurance company until they outsourced their IT to a well-known Indian BPO provider. Usual story.
Adding insult to injury, my former colleagues and I were required to train our Indian replacements before being made redundant. I remember one as saying that it was ‘rather like being forced to dig your own grave, kneel in front of it, then take a bullet in the back of the head…’.  A tad over dramatic perhaps, but apt nonetheless.
According to The Times report, Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, defended the ICT system. He is quoted as saying that the system ‘made Britain an attractive place in which to do business’.  This may be true for  Tata and Infosys, but not so for UK Plc. Six months ago I was paying tax and National Insurance on my £40k + salary; now I receive £64.30 a week Jobseeker’s allowance. Do the sums, Phil.