Ousted IT blogger doesn't need to scrape the jobs barrel anymore

This is part 8 of a series of blogs following the life of an IT professional that lost his job as a result of his employer offshoring IT. This week he is a little more optimistic about the IT jobs market.

His optimism is echoed in a recent survey from ReThink Recruitment.

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Situation: vacant

by IT Jobseeker

And so to the next phase of the Jobseeker Journey. I’ve been unemployed for over six months now, so the DWP have stopped paying me Jobseekers Allowance. The old coffers will no longer swell by the princely sum of £64.30 a week, but the DWP will keep my National Insurance contributions up to date as long as I continue to sign on.  

I now get to report to a different section of the Job Centre, a promotion of sorts, I suppose, and there is a different crowd in the waiting area. At my recent visit, a middle aged man stood out because he was wearing a smart suit. He sat uncomfortably amongst a small group of ‘neets’ who were listening to rap music on their not-so-personal MP3s. I imagined him as having not told his wife about losing his job, putting on his suit every morning and leaving as if for the office.  Probably just my imagination running wild in this place, maybe he had an interview to go to later. I do hope so.

When my name was called, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the advisor was Janet, a lady who used to work in an estate agency in my local high street, until she had been made redundant.  She had taken this new job last spring, with one of the few employers who at that time were experiencing a boom in business! I suppose that whenever the employment situation improves, she could be made redundant by the Jobcentre, but by that time the housing market should have picked up and she can get another job with an estate agent. A work strategy for boom and for bust. Brilliant!  

As for things picking up, I think that prospects in my line of work may have improved from bleak to just bad. Since the ‘Far Fields’ fiasco, I have had two more interviews and agencies have actually started calling me rather than just me constantly calling them. 

Are the famous ‘green shoots’ of recovery starting to appear? Watch this space.

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Maybe Wipro will be hiring heavily in the UK as the chairman says that they will be moving to 50% locals.


Of course this may just be in the US where new rules might force it.

Good luck mate, I was jobhunting for nearly eight months after my £300 daily rate contract was offshored.

I found that there were fewer contracts out there as emplyers take advantage of the recession and turn contract positions into lower-paying permanent posts or offshore them.

Hang in there, you will get there in the end. I too was at the Jobcentre but luckily my wife works as well which kept the wolf from the door.

I have taken a permanent job which at 40k is a lot less than the contract rate I got over the last ten years at various city firms, but hey, it pays the rent.

Swot up on interview techniques, get good advice on your CV, keep at it and then the interviews will start to come through the door.