Is Brazil a hidden IT gem?

I had a meeting with a representative of Brasscom, the association of IT companies in Brazil today.

He was talking to me about a new initiative known as BrasilIT+.

Steve Brookman told me how BrasilIT+ is currently evangelising the IT capability within Brazil to UK companies.

And by the sound of it there is a lot to offer. I will be writing a longer article next week but here are some of the interesting points.

He says unlike many offshore IT destinations Brazil is well established in terms of IT capability and not emerging. Brazil has massive oil and gas, financial services and retail industries with established IT services for all of them.

The SAP, Oracle and ERP skills in Brazil are, according to Brookman, widespread. But Brazil has kept it secret for some reason.

However it might be short of language skills.

But the Brazilian government is investing money in language teaching as well as IT training.

According to Brookman there are 6 million IT students in Brazil. There are over 2000 universities currently running IT related countries.

He says there is currently a focus on IT and languages and this will increase.

There are lots of Brazilian IT companies but they have never really been promoted outside Brazil. But a Brazilian owned development bank is pumping billions of dollars into promoting them internationally.


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Hm. Maybe somebody needs to join the dots here?

"In malicious activity rankings, India moved up from 11th position in 2008 to fifth in 2009, while Brazil moved up from fifth position to third, according to the Symantec report."

Computer Weekly, 20 April 2010

Yes Matt. Quite a bit of PR to be done for Brazil I think. It is a little unknown.

Hmm this is very interesting, it is quite odd they would not try to market their knowledge more. I bet we will be seeing more about this soon.


They have told me all about the IT skills in Brazil. I will be writing a report soon. It is one to watch. With the World Cup and the Olympic games heading for Brazil now could be time for the country to step into the global IT industry.

As I told Karl, Brazil has already stated (through the Brazilian President) that they plan to be recognised as a top 3 Global IT hub within the next 5 years. There is a lot of focus, investment, deregulation, and Government support to help this come about. Brazil is definately one to watch.