Inside Outsourcing interview: Huddle targets US public sector

I met up with Alastair Mitchell, the CEO and a co-founder of cloud based collaboration software provider Huddle.

I recently interviewed him and ran a article about the company and its strategy and he told me that the company is now pushing the US public sector. Huddle has had a lot of success in the UK public sector. Since the launch of the government’s G-cloud it has been one of the most sold products.

Whenever I write about a cloud service I always think how this impacts the IT services sector.
Being a cloud based alternative for software such as SharePoint I asked him about the attitudes of the big integrators towards products like Huddle.

It is big business for system integrators putting in Enterprise-wide systems such as Sharepoint. Not only is there a share of license revenues, but there is also integration work and ongoing maintenance. And don’t forget many suppliers will host it for their clients.
But then along comes and alternative that is in the cloud and large companies and public sector organisations are using it. What do the system integrators do?

Mitchell says there is a bit of a block in the sales pipeline which he believes has something to do with a conflict of interest among suppliers.

He says they should step in and become real integrators and use their skills to introduce cloud services into their customer bases rather than resisting it. One service provider Mitchell says is working well with Huddle is Atos. He said Huddle and Atos work closely at the BBC.

What do you think?